Samson of Samson & Charlie is in the fight of his life *Updated

Hi there, Carole here, co-founder and owner of Samson & Charlie. 

As you know, small businesses like ours are in the fight to survive through this pandemic, but it’s not just our business fighting for its life. Right now, our baby bear Samson is going through his very own health crisis that has absolutely devastated us.

Dar "The Gift" Samson is our 6-year-old Black Russian Terrier, his pedigree name is "Dar" Russian for the "The Gift" for which we named our Balancing Oil. A magnificent giant with the most gorgeous hair, Fabio would be jealous of. He has filled out to be a strong 60kg big bear but gentle giant that has a bark loud enough to set off alarms. (true story ). While he patrols the streets of Coburg North daily with his Daddy he is our baby the sweetest cuddle pot that thinks he is a lap dog, Charlie sized.

On Friday, May 1st, we noticed his eye was giving him trouble as it was half-closed. Usually, a quick clip of his fuzzy fringe stops any eye irritation, but this time it wasn’t enough. By Saturday afternoon, he was pawing at his face, the dog version of rubbing his eyes. When he looked up at me, I nearly fainted. His eye looked as though it was out of its socket, with only the white of his eye visible. We rushed straight to the emergency vet hospital and luckily there was an Ophthalmologist on duty.

However, this was actually more serious than a simple eye injury they found bruising in his mouth all around his head and neck which blood test confirmed Samson had 0 platelets and had developed Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (ITM) an Autoimmune disorder where his immune system was attacking his platelets, his blood wasn't clotting, Therefore, they began an aggressive round of steroid treatments. We had no idea he was so sick. Underneath all his beautiful locks were signs of a very sick boy. The swelling had caused his protective third eyelid to appear  "the white eye" thankfully no damage to his eye occurred. 

Unfortunately, Samson's condition worsened by Monday morning he began vomiting and passing blood. We took him to see the Internal medicine team at South Paws specialty hospital near Brighton, where he underwent an emergency CT Scan. Further hematology testing showed the IMT Auto-immune diagnosis was wrong the strong, the aggressive steroid treatment inflamed his gastrointestinal issues. 

After a week in the hospital battling a serious bacterial infection Clostridium perfringens which had produced toxins called enterotoxins which Samson's pathology confirmed were very high causing bouts of diarrhea, fever and vomiting. After undergoing IV fluids and antibiotics we have finally been able to bring our Baby Bear home.

As you can imagine, we’re devastated. Our boys, Charlie and Samson, mean the absolute world to us. They’re our universe, less than 3 months ago we drove to Sydney for life-saving radiation therapy to treat Charlie's inoperable brain tumour.

We haven't fully recovered from the emotional and financial toll of Charlie's medical crisis to save our little man, giving Charlie 6-8 months with us has been worth every penny. we just never imaged Samson would be having a medical crisis. The thought of losing our boys is just too much.

Samson’s care is extremely expensive, as a giant breed his treatment has almost exceeded his insurance cover for the year and as small business owners, we are still working out how to navigate the current economic challenges. We know there are people all around the world having a devastatingly difficult time too due to COVID. But after rushing our other fur baby, Charlie, across the country earlier this year for emergency cancer treatment, it all just feels like a lot. 

What keeps us going are these guys. We will do anything for our fur babies they get us out of bed every day. Charlie is the instigator and Samson he just can't wait to get the day started. They bring so much joy and happiness they're such as entertaining characters.

Whilst we have been able to bring our Samson home he still has a way to go that requires ongoing medical treatment as an outpatient projected to cost in the $10,000's over the coming months to complete diagnostics that he was not well enough to undertake in order to fully diagnose the cause of this medical crisis.

You can help Samson by purchasing Samson & Charlie for yourself, your friends, or your family! 

We are establishing a Go Fund Me page for friends and family with the gap that isn't covered by insurance to help Samson beat this illness.* Update we have not needed to do this thankfully as both of the boys are stable 🙏right now. We are praying no additional issues flare up at least until their medical insurance reset in August 🤞. Samson is on a special diet which he is tolerating he will commence food trials to establish what intolerance or allergies might be causing him trouble. Furbabies are just like humans this guy is just like his Mum allergic to all sorts of foods. 

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Every purchase of Samson & Charlie allows us to give our baby bear the best care to get him back to 100% health. 

Thank you so much for all the kind wonderful messages of love and for being part of our community. Your support means the world to us, and to Samson.

Warmest regards, 

Carole xoxo