How to treat Maskne: The skin condition caused by our newest accessory

Wearing a mask is one of the most important things you can do today, but can also can make our skin awful. Whether you’re wearing a mask to the supermarket or out for your daily walk, or you’re wearing it full-time as a healthcare worker, wearing a mask is tough on your skin. Since mask-wearing is part of your new normal, here’s everything you can do to protect your skin from Maskne: Mask Acne.

Maskne definition

What is maskne? It’s acne and skin irritation caused by wearing a mask. To be more scientific: Maskne is usually acne mechanica. It often shows up as red bumps on the skin in areas that have been rubbing against your mask. It’s caused by bacteria from sweat or dirt getting trapped on the skin and then rubbed.

“For instance, football players will get it on their chest and shoulders because of their pads, or violinists can get breakouts on the chin,” dermatologist Dr Lee told Well + Good. “It happens from pressure and friction.” 


Why does Maskne happen?

Maskne and other skin conditions worsen when you wear a mask because it limits airflow and locks in impurities and bacteria.. 

Toronto dermatologist Dr. Sonya Abdulla told Global News: 

“With the introduction of masks, we’re creating an environment that promotes inflammation, where we’re getting a disruption of the skin barrier from the occlusion of the increased moisture from the mouth.”

This occlusion or obstruction means the normal flow of everything, from oils to moisture and air on your skin, are completely disrupted. 

How to treat Maskne

Mask wearing is probably here to stay for a while, so here’s everything you can do to reduce maskne and care for your skin. 

  • Cleanse with a clarifying cleanser and exfoliate three times weekly

Once-daily, cleanse your skin with a gentle, clarifying cleanser made from skin-loving ingredients. Calming elements like niacinamide B3  anti-inflammatory properties while gentle actives like Salicylic Acid dissolve keratin plugs clarifying deeper in the pore.

Two-three times weekly, exfoliate with a gentle non-comedogenic exfoliating cleanser to slough off dead skin cells and prevent pores from being blocked by dead skin. 

  • Don’t overwash your face

You don’t have to wash your face more often to combat maskne, as that can increase dehydration and skin irritation. A once-daily cleanse is enough.

  • Use a gentle moisturiser morning and night

Moisturiser works in two ways to manage maskne: It moisturises and calms irritated skin, plus it adds a gentle layer to prevent the mask from chaffing your skin.

  • Choose masks made from gentle material

If you’re making your own mask, make sure you choose the right fabric for protection as recommended by the ministry of health. Using cotton and polyester blends are said to be protective, and luckily these are fairly gentle on your face.

  • Wash it Frequently

Think of it like underwear. Keep it clean and don’t wash with heavily scented detergents as these can irritate the skin. 

Masks get dirty quickly, so have a few to allow rotation. 

“It’s against their mouth, they’re breathing in it — it’s getting the oils and the dirt, and it’s sitting there all day.”Dr. Marni Wiseman of Skinwise Dermatology told Global News.

  • Wear less makeup

Makeup and masks are a bad combination as makeup can make you sweat, and traps dirt and impurities on your skin, as does the mask. If you have to wear makeup for Zoom calls, remove it with cleanser before you don your mask and head to the supermarket. Experts agree. 

“I say to people, ‘Try to break up with makeup.’ It’s easier said than done… but unquestionably with makeup, less is more, particularly when wearing masks," said Dr Marni Wiseman.

Maskne Skincare Solution 

The Good News is, there is an effective solution for maskne to clear, restore and protect your skin from future breakouts: Our Maskne Rescue Kit.

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Our Maskne rescue kit also includes a skin purifying exfoliating cleanser for skin prone to sensitive, oily and acne breakouts. It's packed with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will cleanse and exfoliate, accelerating cell turnover, restoring balance and regulating sebum levels to clear and control breakouts.

Last but not least, your skin needs gentle hydration in the form of a balancing face oil: The Gift. Maskne has thrown your skin off balance with overproduction of sebum combined with bacteria. The Gift Balancing Oil will restore balance, calm and help to prevent breakouts with antibacterial properties of Azulene (Blue Tansy & German Blue Chamomile)

Maskne Rescue Kit Includes: 

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Maskne Rescue Kit

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