Charlie of Samson & Charlie diagnosed with in operable brain tumour *Updated

** UPDATE ** Thank you all for your love and support. Charlie has completed 3 weeks in Sydney like a champion. He received the best level of care for the treatment of an inoperable Glioma Brain Tumour from the incredible team at SASH.  We cannot stress how amazing the SASH Oncology team is and cannot thank them enough for extending our precious boys life. 

Charlie, half of Australian clean skincare brand’s namesake Samson & Charlie, is desperately sick. To help fund his cancer treatment at Sydney’s top vet hospital, we're offering customers their natural luxe skincare at a huge 20% off.

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“With the bushfires, we know Aussies have been so generous with their donations. We’re not asking for cash, but we’re offering discounts on our popular products to help boost sales,” said devastated founder Carole Staeck. “Every sale can help us manage the cost of Charlie’s treatment.”

Charlie is a 12 year old miniature Maltese cross Shi Tzu. As his owners, Carole and Aaron, noticed their beloved ball of energy wasn’t quite himself two weeks ago.

“His back leg was slipping out when he walked,” said Carole, “and he didn’t seem himself.”

The vet referred little Charlie for an MRI brain scan and found a lesion in the front of his left brain, believed to be cancer. After consulting with the Small Animal Specialist Hospital in Sydney, well-known thanks to its feature on Bondi Vet, Charlie’s treatment was determined. He will have to undergo radiation treatment to target the growth if he is to survive.

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Carole and Aaron have harnessed the determination they show everyday as business owners at Samson and Charlie, and are driving the long 12 hours from Melbourne to Sydney to get Charlie the best care the country can offer. With a bill of many thousands of dollars facing the couple, they’re calling for the support of their customer.

“We’re offering 20% off for everyone! It’s a thank you for your support from Charlie. It’s all for him,” said Carole.

 Samson & Charlie Boutique Apothecary offers exquisite skincare crafted from natural, rare seed oils and ingredients to help busy women have great skin without compromise. The brand has recently been featured in Her World Singapore, New Beauty US online and Cosmetics Design Asia, leading to huge purchases over the Christmas period.

Samson & Charlie’s special 20% off sale applies to all purchases online, and will last throughout the duration of Charlie’s two-week treatments.

 Don't miss your chance to make the most of this incredible sale, and help our little guy survive.