5 Reasons Cleopatra used 24K pure Gold on her skin

The best anti-aging skincare Ingredient Pure gold in skincare is a powerful anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory ingredient, and you need to add it to your beauty regime now. The opulent metal has been an active ingredient in skincare since Cleopatra but has always held it's uber-luxurious and unattainable status, until now.

Thanks to Samson & Charlie’s brand new ultra-luxe Famous 24k Glow Watermelon + Kiwi Facial Oil, you can enjoy the incredible anti-ageing benefits of pure gold with an accessible price tag of under $100. Still not convinced pure gold belongs in your beauty shelf? It definitely does. Here’s why:

24 Karat Gold Flakes Face Oil Famous Watermelon + Kiwi

The History of Pure Gold in Skincare

Legends say Cleopatra was the first woman to use pure gold on her face to maintain her youthful, radiant complexion. Gold was known as the ‘flesh of the Gods,’ and was one of the most sought after minerals in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Japan, thanks to its ability to slow the ageing process, heal inflammation and boost collagen. Plus of course, it was beloved as it boosted pallid, sour complexions to make them look more radiant, restoring their healthy glow.

Pure gold was used for its medical benefits too. The Romans used gold-infused remedies to treat skin lesions, and Chinese medical doctors used pure gold to treat ingrown hairs, smallpox scarring and skin ulcers.

So! It turns out the healing properties of pure gold have been known for centuries! Take a leaf out of Cleopatra's book and add pure gold to your skincare regime because:


  1. Pure gold contains antioxidants for younger-looking skin

Get  younger looking skin with Anti-aging 24k Glow Watermelon + Kiwi Pure gold contains a high concentration anti-oxidants which reduce skin damage caused by free radicals. This damage includes wrinkles, fine lines, redness, hyper-pigmentation and skin irritation. These skin changes are unleashed by free radicals caused by sun damage, pollution, chemicals and other assaults.

“Gold is used as an anti-aging ingredient, as it can help reduce inflammation, which is a cause of acne and hyperpigmentation,” Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a N.Y.C.-based cosmetic dermatologist, told Instyle.


  1. Pure gold helps your skin look brighter

Topical pure gold products boost the brightness and radiance of your skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its ability to absorb into the skin, pure gold also boosts circulation, which allows fresh, oxygenated blood to flood to your skin. This creates a brighter, more youthful glow.

Experts agree, with Dr Paul Jarrod Frank saying: “When applied topically, [Gold] also helps brighten the skin.”

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  1. Pure gold helps other active ingredients work more efficiently

Pure gold helps other active ingredients like peptides, fruit seed oils and acids permeate deeper into your skin’s layers. By combining pure gold with active ingredients, you’re helping these ingredients act at a deeper, more internal dermatological layer, optimizing their hydrating and anti-ageing abilities.

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  1. Pure gold helps relieve acne-related inflammation

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, gold helps to calm irritated, inflamed acne. This irritation is worsened by dryness and exfoliation, but calmed with hydrating oils and the anti-inflammatory properties of gold. The experts agree.

Tabasum Mir, a skincare physician in cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic laser surgery told the Huffington Post that gold can calm acne inflammation, reduce skin redness and protect against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage.


  1. Topical pure gold protects against irritation

We know pure gold is a powerful anti-inflammatory, but it doesn’t just help treat irritated skin, it protects against environmental agitators. Pure gold helps prevent free-radical damage, but it also protects against free-radical creation by forming a gentle barrier on your skin. Effectively, pure gold enhances your skin’s defense system against inflammation, irritation and ageing.

How to find a pure gold skincare product for your skin

The experts agree: Pure gold has numerous powerful, anti-ageing and skin saving properties. Now it’s time to find the perfect gold-infused skincare product for you. Don’t be fooled by those products containing gold mica, it’s not real gold. Instead, look for the words '24k gold' on the label, which means the product contains 24 karat gold. 24 karat gold contains the highest concentration of gold per part. This high concentration ensures you maximise the benefits of gold, enhancing the radiance of your skin while protecting it from free radical damage.

Samson & Charlie source their 24K Gold locally Perth Mint gold is processed in Melbourne for the purest most refined ingredient to be bottled in our product Famous 24K Glow Facial Oil. 

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