What to Expect From Your Samson & Charlie Skincare Routine

What to Expect From Natural Skincare

Great skin is healthy, balanced skin. 

Great skin is so healthy, it glows from the inside out, and at Samson & Charlie, we’re so excited to help you achieve this level of fantastic skin.

Your new Samson & Charlie routine has the power to detox and transform your skin. It’s all thanks to the natural ingredients we use. We combine all our ingredients by hand to create formulations for your unique skin type. Here’s how it works:

Samson & Charlie skincare is different, in a great way!

Samson & Charlie is created for individual skin solutions; a different approach to most modern skincare routines. Take cleansers for example: While many modern skincare routines make your skin feel clean, they do this by stripping your skin of its natural oils. This causes slow but steady damage to your skin’s acid mantle which balances the oil and sebum levels of your skin. Ingredients like silicon and peptides foam up, leaving skin feeling soft on top, but they leave your skin's deep layers dry and irritated underneath.

In other words? Most modern products feel nice, but they ruin your skin’s ability to stay balanced. With harsh ingredients, they make your skin swing between feeling oily and dry, leaving your face either flaking off or breaking out. 

Dealing with constantly changing skin is maddening. Our customers tell us this frustration is what inspired many of them to try a Samson & Charlie skincare routine. 

“I have crazy sensitive but also dry skin and have had far more misses than hits when it comes to skincare but this oil is so beautiful and my skin laps it up!”

Kylee (Perth, Australia)

    Like Kylee, if you’re sick of having far more misses than hits with your skincare, the solution is to create balance. We can help.

    By swapping to a Samson & Charlie skincare routine, you create simplicity in your day by using natural, high-quality products. They’re designed for specific skin solutions with our customer’s unique skin in mind. 

    Instead of guessing what you need, our ranges make it easy to choose products tailored to your skin’s issues, without covering them up. Like Kylee says, it’s amazing how quickly your skin can respond to a natural skincare routine once you start using products designed specifically for your skin type. 

    The transformation is quick too. Since your skin cells regenerate every 30 days, it only takes up to 28-30 days to see the full transformational effects of your new routine. But you will see small changes every few days on your way to healthier skin.

    Here are some more specifics about what to expect from your new Samson & Charlie skincare routine.

    A steady improvement in hydration, brightness and tone with face oils and serums

      By adding natural face oils and serums to your routine, you’re slowly restoring your skin’s balance of hydration and natural oils. Initially, your skin may struggle to absorb oils regardless of whether you have dry or oily skin. This seems strange as you would think dry skin would be so thirsty it would love oil! But it doesn’t.

      Dry skin is so imbalanced, it can’t absorb oil, but neither can oily skin! This conundrum comes down to the complementary relationship between your skin’s moisture levels vs. its natural oil levels. 

      Don’t worry, this conundrum gets solved after a few weeks of using natural face oils.

      • After 7-14 days, you’ll notice it starts to absorb much better into your skin.
      • After 28 days, your skin’s hydration balance will have been restored, and your skin will be absorbing and loving your Samson and Charlie natural face oils. It’s after that 28 day period that you start noticing your skin has a vibrant glow.
      Our customers agree:

        “Beautifully hydrating and leaves my skin smooth and glowing.”

        - Lisa, Burwood after using Samson & Charlie Renewal Anti-aging Glow Essential Set.

        Immediate improvements in your skin’s softness 

          After using cleansing oils, your skin will feel baby soft, clean and hydrated. This will feel very different from the tight, dry feeling you have after using most modern-day cleansers. As long as you wash off all the cleansing oil, your skin shouldn’t feel oily or slick.

          After using our exfoliating cleanser without foaming it in your fingers, you’ll feel the exfoliating crystals while you cleanse and your skin will feel clean and soft as you’ve sloughed off the top layer of dead skin. Use this method twice per week as it’s a stronger exfoliation option.

          Our exfoliating cleanser can be made into a more gentle foaming exfoliating cleanser by massaging it in your fingers and dissolving some of the sugar crystals. When using the cleanser in this way, you will only feel small-sized crystals and your skin will feel clean and fresh afterwards. It’s a gentler exfoliation option so you can do it every day!

          Switching to a natural cleanser is like a detox retreat: For your skin

          When you swap to a Samson & Charlie cleansing routine, your skin will go through a clarification process, also known as detoxification, where the impurities and excess sebum are drawn out of the skin and washed away when you cleanse.  

          In the first few weeks of using natural products which speed up the cell turnover of your skin, you may breakout. But don’t worry, it’s a good thing! This phase is temporary and is a sign they’re working, like taking your skin to a detox retreat.
          When you first switch to a natural cleanser, this detox process clears away the underlying impurities in your skin. This happens as the cleansing ingredients draw out the microcomedone (which causes breakouts) and push it to the surface sooner than its usual timeline of 8-12 weeks.

          When the microcomedone reaches the surface, it forms a blackhead, whitehead or pimple. This is a sign your skin is detoxifying, and fast! Switching to a natural cleanser is the quickest way to fully detox your skin from the inside out.
          Detoxification from natural cleansers only occurs when you first switch routines, because the more you use natural products, the fewer microcomedones form, meaning this process doesn’t occur very often. Depending on your unique skin, it may not even occur at all! But we had to give you a heads up in case it does.


          How your skin changes when you switch to Samson & Charlie Skincare Routine

          what to expect from natural skincare routine


          Within the time frame of 1-28 days, your skin will start looking brighter, clearer and younger thanks to your Samson & Charlie natural skincare routine. If you’re considering making the switch to a natural skincare routine, check out what our customers have said first-hand:


          Love it

          I'm 43 and lines are appearing. I've been using this for a few months now my skin has honestly never looked better softer and smoother. I look forward to using every morning it's my ritual the scent just makes me smile. I really love it thank you.

          Beck (Caulfield South, Australia)

          💕 love

          I recently received my facial oil and I LOVE it, I’m a shift/factory worker and work in 5 degrees most of the time or I’m making butter. Honestly nothing better than coming home after 12-hour night shift and jumping in the shower and being able to wash my face with the pineapple cleanser and then putting on the oil when I get out and being able to jump into bed feeling refreshed! By the time I wake up my skins absorbed all the goodness and I can still smell the beautiful smell of it! Also being a polycystic and endometriosis warrior I’ve noticed I don’t get as many breakouts with the oil, and if I do the disappear quickly and aren’t as sore if they are blind blemishes. I can’t recommend this oil enough! What a great brand to stumble across...! Not only that Australian made how amazing in this horrible pandemic we are all dealing with to have this on our doorstep 💕

          Maddy (Tongala, Australia)

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          We can’t wait to help support you on your journey towards happier, healthier skin!