5 things you should know about #60second rule

The #60Second Rule Debate:

Will cleansing your face for 60 seconds change your life?

Washing your face for a full minute could be the most effective skincare secret you’ll ever get, and it’s free. Kylie Jenner reignited this debate when the billionaire makeup mogul decided to expand her beauty empire and launch her Kylie Skin collection in May, the reaction was decidedly mixed about her first foray into skincare. In an Instagram video promoting the new product line, Jenner pumps an ample amount of the product onto her hands, but only spends approximately six seconds applying the face wash before rinsing it off, this triggered a major backlash on social media that Jenner broke the 60 Second rule for cleansing for only 6 seconds.

So what is the 60 Second Rule? Thanks to esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith who posted the tip on her Twitter last November, over 11k people liked her comment, and an entire hashtag was created: #60SecondRule. While the before and after photos posted online are clear evidence that washing your face for 60 seconds does indeed improve your skin clarity, most people are wondering why. 

  1. Acne is caused by sebum, which can’t be cleared in just 10 seconds

 As Roberts-Smith posted on her initially Twitter post, “Most people wash their face for like 15 seconds max.” When you think about it, counting to a full 60-seconds does take a whole minute, and we’re all guilty of rushing through cleansing. However, it’s time to slow down.

A key reason for cleansing is to boost skin clarity and prevent breakouts. Sebum blockages in pores and around your T-zone are key causes of acne, but washing your skin for only 10 seconds can’t clear these blockages. Keep cleansing for a full minute, and those sebum blockages will be disturbed and moved on. Remember though, you can’t wash away your hormones or DNA, so not all acne types respond to the 60-second rule.


  1. It helps remove every speck of makeup

If you wake up with even the slightest panda eye, it’s a sign you’re going to bed with too much makeup left on your skin. Leftover makeup is one of the main causes of facial dryness, redness and irritation, and needs to be well and truly gone before bed. Enter: The 60-second rule.

The 60-second rule forces you to spend so long cleansing, you’re very unlikely to be able to leave even a tiny spec of makeup on your face. Without doing anything differently, except spending longer on cleansing, you’re working hard to remove your makeup.


  1. It lets your cleanser’s ingredients actually work to minimise irritation

Your cleanser has plenty of powerful, hydrating active ingredients, but when you only use it for 10 seconds, these ingredients don’t get a chance to work.

The 60 Second Rule allows super ingredients like botanical enzymes and clarifying clay in your cleanser to not only leave your skin cleaner but to calm skin irritation and redness and boost cell turnover. Give your cleanser time to shine! It wants to work for you!

  1. Your skin will be softer thanks to longer product contact time

One of the biggest changes #60SecondRule devotees have noticed is the increased softness of their skin. This is thanks to the calming, hydrating ingredients in your cleanser being allowed to do their thing. Plus, by removing dirt and makeup, your skin isn’t left with a layer of product on it which can make skin feel dry or coarse.

  1. It allows you to focus on every area of your face, not just the problem spots

Your hairline and around your nose can be tricky to access when cleansing, and in 10 seconds it’s unlikely they get any of your time. The 60 Second Rule helps change that.

 "Makeup, dirt, and oil are a lot more difficult to remove from the skin most people realize," Roberts-Smith told Cosmopolitan. "So not only do you want to give the cleanser a chance to break down and dissolve products and grime, but taking 60 seconds also makes you pay attention to your skin and what you’re doing—like remembering to cleanse around the edges of your nose, under your chin, and around your hairline."

We think that there is an added benefit of the self-care ritual, establish a set routine that allows you to take five minutes to care for your skin. 

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