Yes, the 90's Hair Scrunchie is Back !

Scrunchies are back in style, here’s why

The 90’s trend of elasticated fabric scrunchies is well and truly back! Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, J-Lo and Katy Perry are all wearing scrunchies. Even Balenciaga has released its own branded scrunchies! Whether you choose velvet or silk, you can’t go wrong choosing a scrunchie. Here’s why:

  1. They’re good for your hair

You know the spirals of hair you find wrapped around your hair elastics? That’s hair you’ve pulled out by using tight elastics.

“Your hair gets damaged mostly during the detangling process when you take out traditional hair ties,” says Cash Lawless, celebrity hairstylist and expert for SEVEN haircare told Equinox.

Thankfully, scrunchies don’t tear your hair. They have softer tension than elastics, and baby soft fabrics like velvet and silk are especially gentle on your hair.

Good for your hair and cute? The perfect new accessory.

  1. Scrunchies protect your hair while you sleep


When you tie your hair up with traditional elastics for bed, friction on your pillow can break and tear your hair leaving tiny wispy bits by your ears. Thankfully, scrunchies change all that. Not only do they prevent you waking up with a huge kink in your hair, they also slide and move, preventing tearing as you sleep.


  1. Scrunchies can create perfect gentle waves


When you go to bed, gently dampen your hair and wrap six different sections into spiral buns and fasten with scrunchies. When you wake up, your hair will be in perfect waves.


Styling while you sleep. Dream.


  1. A scrunchie can be your newest accessory to complete your favourite outfit

Scrunchies are made of fabric, allowing you to make a fashion statement with your chosen scrunchie. If you have a red velvet jacket, wear a matching red velvet scrunchie for modern, celeb-inspired styling. You’ll look cute, and your hair will be protected from tearing when you’re ready to take your hair down.

  1. Scrunchies work perfectly with the It-girl high pony


Ariana Grande isn’t the only one rocking high ponytails, they’re everywhere. From Hailey Baldwin’s appearance on Jimmy Falon to J-Lo’s flawless Latino high pony style, everyone is rocking the scrunchie high pony combo. Get your hands on a velvet scrunchie and give it a try.


If you haven’t joined the scrunchie trend, don’t worry! It’s not too late! Check out our range of gorgeously luscious velvet scrunchies here.