At Home Spa Ideas

Create a luxurious at-home spa with these at home spa ideas. Whether you’re indulging in some solo time, you’re having a girls’ night in or you want at home spa ideas for him to try with your man, a home pampering session is a must this winter. Not only does a home-based spa day cost less than an outing to the real deal, you’ll have plenty of product left over to repeat this luscious ritual over and over again. Here are the top products you need in your at home spa day kit.

The best sheet masks for a home spa day

Sheet masks are a must-have in your at home spa day kit. They can completely transform your skin thanks to the clever ingredients soaked into the sheet. Plus, unlike other products you rub or wash onto your skin, sheet masks are left on your face for at least 15 minutes to really give your skin a super dose of goodies. The idea behind the sheet mask is to create the effect of a facial by letting the products settle into your skin and penetrate your skin barrier to work their magic.

Tips: Gently exfoliate, cleanse and tone to prep your skin before applying. This helps your skin be as clean as possible and free from any dryness or bits of makeup that would stop the ingredients from reaching your dermal tissue. 

Look for sheet masks with active ingredients for a more powerful skin transformation. Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides and Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) are all powerful anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients. 

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Do face rollers work? Yes and here’s how to use them at home

Facial rollers act like a deep tissue massage for your face. They stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage, getting rid of puffiness along the way. They’re the perfect tool for your at home spa day because they are fun to use and feel ultra calming. The gentle sliding and gliding sensation not only brightens your complexion, it has a soothing effect too. 

Tips: Look for crystal roller crafted from real crystals to help your roller last. Plus, some believe the crystals have healing powers depending on the crystal you choose.

Use facial rollers with hydrating face oils to spread them evenly across your face after your sheet mask.

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Beauty tools crafted from crystal like our Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Roller are amazing for reducing puffiness. Discover it here.

Best eye serum for at home spa days

Eye serums are an absolute must for your home spa ritual as they leave your face looking brighter and soothe tired, puffy eyes. Even though they work hard all day for us, too many of us forget to care for our eyes. The delicate under eye area is made from baby soft, paper-thin skin that’s more susceptible to drooping and sagging. Luckily though, ceramides and powerful ingredients like Vitamin B3 can help hydrate this soft skin, restoring its plumpness to prevent that look of tired eyes.

best eye serum at home spa day

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Tip: Gently roll underneath the eye area with a chilled facial roller (chilled from the fridge not freezer) before applying eye serum. Dot it on gently with your fingers rather than pulling at the skin. This helps prevent stretching, while also letting the serum work its magic.

At home spa days are perfect in winter when you want fun ideas for home, and when you’re looking for affordable activities with your friends and family. Invest in great tools and products so you can recreate this special at home spa every month. Not only will you feel more relaxed than ever, your skin will never look better.