Tips to Improve Your Skin During Isolation

If you thought your skin would look amazing during isolation, you’re not the only one. Make-up free days, extra time on your cleansing routine and multiple applications of moisturiser should, in theory, make your skin look great! But it’s not working. 

In normal life, we’re told we have a certain skin type. But if isolation has taught us anything, we all know nothing is normal anymore. Our skin is going crazy, and our skin type has completely changed. If you used to have dry skin, and now you’re struggling with breakouts, or you suddenly have dry patches,  here’s what you can do.

How to help your skin in isolation

The skin-type rules have changed during isolation

Forget your skin type, and embrace the uncertainty! It’s time to mix up your skin routine and turn to the skincare that’s right for your skin in-the-moment. 

Isolation is very stressful so you need to be a little forgiving of your skin and relax the rigid skincare routines. Keep it loose, move between routines, give your skin what it needs on the day. Forget the rules, it's about listening to our bodies and adapting to their changing needs.  Have a few natural products at the ready in each of these scenarios:

Skin breaking out?

Your skin is breaking out like crazy during isolation and quarantine, but what products you use depend on the kind of breakout.

If your skin is breaking out but your skin is dry:

When your skin is excessively dry, the dry skin clogs your pores and causes breakouts. Unlike acne-related breakouts though, dry skin-related breakouts aren’t due to excessive sebum, so don’t use acne-related products as they’ll further dry out your skin.


  • Cleansers with salicylic acid can really help as they’re gentle and won’t dry your skin out. Our Brightening Pineapple Cleanser is a great example. Use it every second day.
  • Every other day, cleanse with a gentle exfoliating cleanser to slough off that layer of dry skin. An exfoliator  that allows you to change the strength of exfoliation is best, as a melting exfoliator becomes more gentle when emulsified with water. 
  • Hydrate with a deeply nourishing face oil that penetrates your dermal layers to replenish moisture and prevent your skin from flaking and clogging pores. Famous 24K Glow Face Oil  is perfect!
  • Follow up with a super-rich moisturiser with multiple levels of hydration. 

If your skin is breaking out and you have Excessive Oil build-up

  • Cleansing is super important, but if you dry your skin out, your breakouts will become irritated. A gentle cleanser with BHA pore-refining ingredients, like our Brightening Pineapple Cleanser, is a great start every other day.
  • Clearing sebum buildup is another goal, so use a clarifying cleanser that will remove unwanted oil, while restoring hydration. Our Clarifying Cypress + Mint Cleansing Oil keeps skin soft and clean.
  • A face oil with antimicrobial properties keeps your skin hydrated without worsening breakouts. The Gift Blue Tansy + Marula Oil works to clear skin, decrease inflammation and prevent sebum buildup. It really works!
  • Balancing moisturisers work to add extra hydration to keep skin clear, plus calm inflammation related to breakouts. 

If your skin is flaky and dry

Dryness without breakouts is your skin begging for moisture from deep within the dermal layers. When you’re inside a lot, this dryness needs extra attention. Here are some solutions:

  • Exfoliate weekly with an exfoliating cleanser that sloughs off the dry layer. Don’t overdo it though, as it can worsen dryness. Once a week is enough. 
  • The other days you cleanse, choose a hydrating cleansing oil. Antioxidants and gentle non-comedogenic oils leave your skin super moist after cleansing. Our brand new Hydrating Watermelon + Kiwi Cleansing Oil is the perfect option.
  • Next up, a vitamin B3 + B5 serum is like doing a hydration mask for your skin, without the hassle. Active ingredients make Vitamin B serums powerful tools against dryness. Our Hydrating Watermelon B3 + B5 serum launches in 2 week. Stay tuned!
  • Even though you’ve already put on serum, we find oil ontop of serum is the best way to add tons of hydration. A brightening oil like our Famous 24K Glow Face Oil, nourishes deeply and lasts all day. A little bit goes a long way. 

If your skin is getting spots of hyperpigmentation

Stress, hormones and dietary changes can all cause hyperpigmentation and dark spots. During isolation, your stress levels are probably skyrocketing, so here’s a solution:

  • Salicylic acid, pineapple juice and Kakadu plum all treat pigmentation so find a cleanser with these goodies. Our Brightening Pineapple Cleanser used every day is great for helping manage dark spots.
  • An active Vitamin C oil is hard to find, but it’s a great solution for brightening skin as its key purpose is to fight free radicals. Our Vitamin C Vibrancy Face Oil launches in 2 weeks! Stay tuned.
  • Apply Prickly Pear oil to under eye areas for dark circles and dark spots. It works after 4-6 weeks, and even Nigella Lawson loves Prickly Pear!
  • Pigmentation requires active ingredients to work hard for your skin, and Niacinamide is one of the best pigmentation fighters. Look for products with Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) such as our B3 + B5 serum, coming soon!

 (Healthpreneur Laura Henshaw shows her skin is struggling like everyone else!)

If your skin is driving you nuts during isolation and you need more tips, comment below! We'll give you the advice on what Samson & Charlie Natural Skincare would be best to get you through.