Sophie Turner’s top 5 skincare secrets

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You know Sophie Turner as the endearing yet powerful Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, and it’s likely you’ve found yourself wishing for her dewy, bright complexion. The 23-year-old newlywed manages to keep her skin fresh and hydrated thanks to a few beauty secrets she swears by, and you can too. Whether Turner is the empowered Stark in Winterfell or her new fierce character, Jean Grey (also known as Dark Phoenix) in her newest film X-men Universe, here are Sophie Turner’s top skincare secrets.


  1. Micellar water is her fav product (followed by cleanser)


 "I just use micellar water to clean my face," Turner told Allure magazine. The star is such a fan of micellar water, she’s spread the word, saying she buys it from any pharmacy or Duane Reed drug store when she needs it. She just loves to take away the day’s makeup and grime before bed – using micellar water followed by a great cleanser - good tip!


  1. Sophie Turner has a great nighttime skincare routine


Turner is only 23, but she’s clever to be using deeply hydrating night creams and creating a solid evening routine to promote skin recovery and cell turnover.

I cleanse, apply an eye complex under my eyes and then apply eye cream. I use nighttime drops to prevent acne and in the morning, and I love to put on this golden snails patch to wake up my eyes,” Turner told Vogue.

  1. She knows keeping skin hydrated when you’re busy is key

Sophie Turner is both a TV and film star, and between appearances, interviews, red carpets and filming, her routine sounds about as busy as you can imagine. As you know, when you’re busy, your skin suffers from not spending enough time on it, or foregoing your wellness goals. So take a lead out of Sophie Turner’s book and remember to drink water and stay well.

My skin gets very dry when I don’t drink enough water,” Turner told Vogue, so she ensures she moisturizes every day after cleansing. “And I love lip balm…you can use it with everything, for your lips and other dry areas,” said Turner.

Her key busy-girl tip for clear skin? Healthy eating.

Honestly, eating well is the main thing,” Turner told Net-a-porter when asked about her skin secrets during her extra busy times.


  1. She never wears makeup to bed…Ever!

It’s something we’re all guilty of, but with so many natural, fast-acting cleansers available, there’s no excuse to wear makeup to bed. Sophie Turner agrees!

“I know some people go to bed with makeup on and it gives me so much anxiety because your pores are just going to absorb it and it’ll be terrible,” Turner told Well and Good.

“I spend about 20 minutes getting my makeup off – I’m always very paranoid that I’ve left some on, it’s like a weird thing with me. I have to get it all off otherwise I feel disgusting.”

We totally agree Sophie! Cleanse that face every night, thoroughly!


  1. Sunscreen is a vital part of her skincare routine

Sophie Turner knows her stunning, fair complexion won’t last if she isn’t careful of the sun. Not only does sunscreen prevent burning, it is the most powerful anti-ageing tool you have in your bathroom, as sun-related ageing is the most common sign of ageing in Australia. Follow Turner’s lead:

“I use a lot of sun cream,” she told Net-a-porter.


So there you have it! The top 5 skincare tips from one of our favourite celebrities whose glowing skin and luscious locks has cemented her as one of our absolute beauty idols.


Which one of Sophie’s tips will you try?