Gender Neutral Australian Skincare: The Perfect Gift This Father's Day

Father’s day is coming up, and there’s no doubt the man in your life would love to treat his skin to a bit of TLC.

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Skin is skin, and skincare is for everyone. That’s what we think. With so many brands marketing skincare to women, many men are left out. In the same way though, many male-specific products exclude men with unique skin types too. So we offer the Balancing Range: A gender neutral skincare range created for everyone! This acne-fighting yet deeply hydrating range is ideally suited for men, women and those who don’t associate with gender-specific pronouns.

Here’s why we offer gender neutral skincare:

1. Products should be chosen by skin type not by gender marketing

Everyone has different skin! Both genders and those people who don’t associate with gender pronouns can have combination, dry or flaky skin. Plus, many men struggle with acne and dryness, a difficult combination to work with. Sadly, most products created for men to target acne are exceptionally drying, and leave skin irritated and inflamed. This is why we created The Gift Blue Tansy Face Oil. It’s a deeply hydrating face oil containing ‘Azulene compound,’ an antimicrobial ingredient that fights the build-up of excess sebum, preventing acne.

 2. Cleansers for men don’t have to be harsh

So many male-specific cleansers smell harsh like cologne, and deplete the delicate dermal layers that maintain skin’s moisture balance. Without this moisture, skin becomes dry, irritated, and even more prone to acne. Eco cleansers, like our Blue Tansy cleanser, use oils, clay and gentle sugars to subtly exfoliate dead skin cells without removing layers designed to protect your skin.

3. Everyone who is male, female or gender neutral loves great-feeling skincare

Gender neutral skincare can still smell great and feel delicate on the skin without being classed as ‘feminine.’ With deeply hydrating oils like coconut and Marula, fractionated to prevent breakouts, skincare like our Balancing range appeal to men, women and everyone who doesn’t associate with a gender pronoun.

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 4. Body wash is always a good gift

Let's face it: Father's Day gifts are very hard to think of. Gender neutral scents make Body Wash fresh-smelling without leaving your Dad or spouse smelling like flowers. Try our Chamomile and Cucumber Body wash as the ideal Father's Day gift!

With Father’s Day coming up, spoil your Dad or spouse with a gender neutral skincare range that really works.

Discover our Balancing Range now!