Fruit Seed Oils in Skincare: An Expert Weighs In


Imagine squeezing a tiny watermelon seed to get the powerful goodness out of it. Now go smaller. Imagine squeezing a teeny tiny blueberry or kiwi seed to extract the antioxidant rich oil. The oil from these tiny seeds is so potent and powerful, it’s more valuable than the same weight in gold flakes!

Fruit seed oils are the super ingredient you need now

Fruit seed oils are the new superfood in skincare. They’re powerful multitaskers and contain everything from antioxidants, essential fatty acids to vitamins that can help to reduce inflammation, brighten, balance oil levels, nourish, fight free radical damage, promote cell regeneration and so much more.

Sounds good right?

But let’s get specific.

We spoke to Aesthetician Jonelle Billig of the Bare Beauty Edit to get the low-down on these teeny tiny seeds, and why their oil is so important.

Experts say acne-prone skin needs oil - especially fruit seed oil

“So often I hear people, especially those with oily or acneic skin, being hesitant to use oil containing products with the fear it will make their skin produce more oil. This however is completely untrue, and a facial serum or oil rich in pure and potent fruit oils can actually work to balance and restore the sebum production resulting in a clearer complexion,” said Jonelle.

Watermelon seed oil is a powerful detoxifier

With Watermelon seed oil taking the beauty world by storm in 2019, we just had to ask Bilig about this super pink super fruit.

“Watermelon seed oil is particularly beneficial as it detoxifies the skin, reduces inflammation and is super hydrating whilst being lightweight, easily absorbable and non greasy,” said Bilig.

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Fruit seed oils vs. traditional face oils

So watermelon seed oil is pretty much magic, but how do fruit seed oils compare to other hydration products?

“Our skin requires oil to work optimally and to protect, along with providing a supple and radiant complexion, without it skin will start to flake, loose elasticity and look dull and lifeless,” said Billig.

“Fruit oils have the ability to penetrate deep within the epidermis: Meaning the skin boosting nutrients these oils contain are being absorbed deeper into the skin allowing for healthier, plumper and more hydrated skin on a cellular level. “

So fruit seed oils are one of the only substances that can penetrate deeper into your skin without invasive, nasty chemical!

Now you know why the teeny tiny seeds from fruits like kiwi, watermelon and blueberry are very squashed to extract precious oils. It’s pretty much the new super power of skincare.

What super fruit seed oil products have you tried?