How to choose what Crystal Facial Roller is right for you

Crystal facial rollers are the "IT" trending beauty tools breaking the internet. But what do they actually do and how do you use them? Discover the benefits of face rollers below - then get one in your life, ASAP! 

They smooth and plump your skin, refine pores, sculpt features and boost radiance. What more could a girl want? Oh wait - the massaging action eases tension and helps you de-stress! 

Here are some guidelines for 5 different crystal rollers; each one delivers the same core benefits along with a unique power associated with the individual stone.

  • Rose Quartz loves lacklustre skin: Channels love and positive energy, zaps stress and blasts toxins. Kicks fine lines and wrinkles to the kerb while bringing on the radiance *heart eyes*
  • Jade perfects pores: Jade stays cool even when in contact with your skin, so it's a natural toner and skin-smoother. Improved tone, texture and clarity? Take our money.
  • Amethyst Quartz brings balance: A stunning stone believed to encourage inner calm, strength and mental clarity. Harmonises your Chakras while purifying your skin. Dreamy!
  • Black Obsidian tackles toxins: Not as scary as it sounds. Stimulates acupressure points, eliminates toxins, reduces puffiness and improves skin elasticity.
  •  Blue Point is on point... for positive vibes and perfect skin! This is the stone of compassion and rebirth, so its healing powers are, like, legendary.

 Awesome! Now onto how to use a facial roller!

  • OK, chill. Literally: chill your roller in the fridge for maximum benefits
  • Apply your favourite serum, facial oil or moisturiser
  • Start at your chin and roll up to your cheeks and forehead
  • Gently work up and out from the centre of your face
  • Roll down to your neck, working toward the sides
  • Roll out and up from the centre of your neck to your entire face

Our crystal rollers are the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine, giving you - literally - crystal clear skin and a gorgeous glow!

Shop our collection to find the crystal facial roller that suits your skin

x Charlie 

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